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Son Rσpes, Kills Own Mother In Zhombe {Audio}

A disturbing incident took place in Zhombe, Zimbabwe, that also saddened the entire community. According to Chief Gwesela, a local traditional leader, a man in the area is suspected of committing the horrific act.

He is accused of raping his own mother before killing her and then desecrating her body.

Police acted quickly and arrested the suspect.

According to Amakhosikazi Media speaking to Chief Gwesela, this incident highlights the urgent need to strengthen safety measures and is a stark reminder of the worst of human nature. It is a tragedy that has sent shockwaves throughout the community, and all possible steps must be taken to ensure that justice is served.

The consequences of this tragedy will likely be long-lasting, both for the family of the victim and the entire community.

Murder cases are reportedly on the rise in Zhombe.

Also On Harare Live;

SCORES of Mabvuku residents flocked to witness a blood-like fluid that has been flowing in a trench in the high-density suburb since Saturday.

The blood-like fluid was first seen on Saturday at Kamunhu Shopping Centre, raising a lot of questions among residents.

“We are not sure if this is blood, but at first, we thought someone could have been attacked by robbers,” said a resident.

“I now doubt that it is blood because if it was blood, there would have been an unbearable stench and there would also have been swarms of flies in the trench.

“Rains have been pouring for the past few days, but never cleared this fluid.

“If it’s a chemical, that means whoever dumped it must be made accountable for such pollution,” he said.

The trench cuts across a maize field and people from as far as Tafara made a beeline to catch a glimpse.

This followed rumours of fresh blood seeping from the ground.


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