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Dr Pashy claims Nandipha Magudumana stole her passports, distances herself

Pretoria – A medical doctor whose identity has been allegedly used by Dr Nandipha Magudumana during her daring escape with Facebook rapist Thabo Bester says her passport was stolen.

Dr Mmereka Ntshani, who is also known as Dr Pashy on social media, has denied receiving any funds from Magudumana or Bester.

She said she had no involvement in Thabo Bester’s prison escape.

However, in a statement she released on Monday, Ntshani, who has made public speaking appearances alongside Magudumana and the disgraced Terry Pheto, whose Bryanston home was recently sold by the AFU amid links to National Lotteries fraud, said she did acquire the public relations services of Vibes Africa Incorporated International, a company where Magudumana was a sole director.

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It was reported that during Magudumana and Bester’s Tanzania arrest, they were found in possession of scores of passports, two of them bearing Ntshani’s identity.

“We have learnt, with great concern of the potential stolen identity of our founder, Dr Ntshani by Dr Nandipha Magudumana,” the foundation said on Monday.

The foundation added that Dr Ntshani was seeking legal advice over her stole identity.

“Dr Ntshani is seeking legal advice, and to the extent that these reports are true, the matter will be dealt with legally,“ read the statement.

The Ntshani foundation said it became affiliated with Magudumana when she was one of the guest speakers at a medical seminar Ntshani hosted in 2020.

“Dr Ntshani and the organisation hereby distance itself from any association with Dr Nandipha Magudumana, outside from what has been stated… ”

Meanwhile, Ntshani recently posted on her live feed on Instagram that she had applied for a new passport after the old one “disappeared”.

Magudumana and Bester were expected to be deported back to South Africa soon.

In May last year, Bester escaped from the prison facility which is being run by G4S, after he faked his fiery death.-IOL


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