Prince Kaybee, Maphorisa squeeze each other’s throats

Prince Kaybee didn’t take DJ Maphorisa’s shots lying down and decided to shoot back. KaBillion posted a series of tweets dragging Porry for claiming ownership of other artists’ music royalties solely because they recorded in his studio.

It looks like Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa are butting heads. This comes after Kaybee shared a photo showing the results of his fasting and training regimen.

Instead of ignoring or admiring, Chris Excel posted a video of Porry throwing shade at Kaybee and calling him a pornstar, also shaming his video with Cyan Boujee.

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“This person is now a pornstar; their thing now is posting their private parts and videos; he has no ideas left, no plans. When you see someone posting their body like that, just know that it’s bad, it’s a mental illness.”
In response, KaBillion posted a thread on Twitter (X) dragging Porry to filth for claiming other artists’ music royalties because they recorded in his studio:

“I did see the pornstar narrative coming, an unfortunate time in my life where someone showed the world my private parts, but I can also use the allegations of you hitting a woman, but that’s not the argument.

“There’s a lack of moral commitment to artists generally from a basic human principle to parallel their artistic capabilities and talent to a computer, lights and Nandos, and it’s not building the economy of the artist. I disagree with what you stand for, and that’s that.

“Furthermore, they say it’s the law; there is no such a law. Talent from a sole business (artist) can’t be regulated under any governing body because it’s non-existent.
“Lastly, you want to quantify a personal piece of art from a talented individual to facilities, how far do you really wanna take it? What if the artist has had the song started before he got to the studio? What if the artist doesn’t eat? What if the artist comes with plugins and chords already formulated? How far do you want to take it?”

Mzansi weighs in on Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa’s feud
Social media is buzzing and netizens are dragging Porry, saying he wouoldn’t understand a word of Kaybee’s rant:

Dr_SPHILO said:

“This is too deep for Phori. Please, someone translate to Spitori.”
shamainedimpho wrote:

“Facts, but this kind of English? You’ve lost him, and I’m not sure if his lady will be able to help him.”


Big Xhosa is in studio working on new music, video dancing with a lady hypes fans

Da_Boske was worried:

“I don’t think the big man will be able to read all of this; it’s too big for him.”
Meanwhile, some netizens claimed Kaybee was ill-informed about the music business, while others are waiting to see what will happen next – a celeb boxing match, perhaps? Someone call Cassper Nyovest!

_ShaunKeyz said:

“Cassper must organise a boxing match. I need to see y’all in the ring, not these paragraphs.”
TruthSA13 disagreed with Kaybee:

“You are mistaking a business with a charity organisation. Phori is right.”
Achilles_NoHeel wrote:

“Your heart is in the right place and maybe a conversation about this should start, but unfortunately, the law is on Maphorisa’s side.”
DJ Maphorisa brags about changing the game
In an earlier report, Briefly News shared online reactions to DJ Maphorisa claiming that he changed the music industry and would change it again:

“I changed this music game, and I’m gonna change it again, watch.”
Previously, Porry gave himself flowers for being instrumental in many South African artists’ careers, saying he made superstars.

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