AKA’s ghost probed: NPA reopens Nelli Tembe death ivestigations

Women For Change activists are ecstatic that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has started an investigation into the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Anele Nelli Tembe’s death more than two years ago.

The group, which has ardently pushed for justice for the 22-year-old, was pleased with the outcome.

Tembe, a model and certified chef, allegedly leapt to her death on April 10, 2021, from the tenth storey of a hotel in Cape Town. She was with her rapper partner AKA at the time.

In February 2023, a gunman in Durban shot and killed the deceased rapper.


Nelli Tembe’s death has been clouded with uncertainty after her family expressed suspicions about what really happened. The Tembe family reportedly took the NPA to task over claims the latter failed to prosecute anyone – namely Forbes – following her death in 2021.

In a leaked letter addressed to the NPA, the Tembe family believed Nelli’s fiancé AKA was responsible for her death.

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According to the damning letter, the Tembe’s allege AKA – who was shot and killed in Durban in February – “pushed or threw” Anele over the balcony of their tenth-floor Cape Town hotel room in 2021.

AKA’s fiancee Nelli Tembe fell to her death off the 10th floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town. Images via Instagram: @akaworldwide/ Property24
AKA’s fiancee Nelli Tembe fell to her death off the 10th floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town. Images via Instagram: @akaworldwide/ Property24

The Tembe’s are also pursuing legal action against the NPA after they claim the state prosecutors failed to disclose a police docket relating to Nelli’s death.

According to Sunday World, the docket has since been returned to the police, and an inquest has been reopened.


Amid the news, Women For Change expressed their desire for justice for the late Nelli Tembe.

According to the organisation, Tembe was a victim of GBV in her relationship with AKA.

Speaking to The South African, founder Sabrina Walters said: “While we feel that South Africa has rather ‘collective amnesia’ about what happened to Anele Tembe on 11 April 2021, we are still deeply hurt by this horrific incident. So we welcome the decision of the reinvestigation of this case.

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Of AKA, Walters said: “Kiernan gained ‘hero status’ after he was murdered this year. Many forgot about the tragic passing of his fiancee two years ago, as well as the abuse allegations.

“Nellie’s story was overshadowed by celebrity worship, but we will not forget about her. We will be her voice and fight for her justice.”

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Of the investigations, Walters added:  “So many questions remain unanswered on how Nellie’s naked body ended up in front of the Pepper Club Hotel. Why was the investigation closed in the first time? Why were witness statements ignored? Why does Nellie’s family have no answer until today on how their child has died?”


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